Steve Fossen, Heart


Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member Steve Fossen (the original bassist in HEART) was gracious to speak with clarifing events/band history that lead to the recording of the classic rock masterpiece "Dreamboat Annie"...

"Hi Phillip ... Steve Fossen here ... Heart started out as The Army in 1967 (October 17) ... in October 1968 we became Whiteheart. October 1969 we shortened the name to Heart --1969 - 1971. Roger and I met Ann in August of of 1971 ... we all played in a band called Hocus Pocus until December 1971.

On April 21 1972 we changed our band name back to Heart and then Nancy joined us in 1974. Dreamboat Annie was recorded in 1975 released in America--February 1976.

When we met and started playing music with Ann Wilson in Seattle, Michael Fisher lived in Vancouver BC, Canada and did not met Ann until we played a show somewhat near BC in Bellingham WA ..."

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