Memphis musician Randy Middleton has passed (7/28/14). Rest in peace...

It was amazing to witness Tom Scholz tirelessly scrutinize details (undoubtedly a hands-on perfectionist) during the Boston soundcheck at Snowden Grove. Guitarist Gary Pihl met with Steve Forrester after the show...

Terry Manning will "definitely" schedule a Memphis solo show "within the next two to four months."

The Pistol & the Queen are now a four piece band. Minimalist masters of delta cool Tracey Cayolle and Pete Wood have added the killer rhythm section of Vic O'Bryant on bass and Layfette Adair on drums.   photos >

It was an eventful "evening with Eddie Kramer and American Fiction" at Ardent Studios. Kramer teamed with Jeff Powell to record the band's debut album as he writes his book "The Other Side of the Glass" with Duff McKagan (from Guns N' Roses). Kramer claimed he has "never heard of Jimi Hendrix" and that Led Zeppelin were "absolutely horrible."   photos >

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