Pat Thrall, Tina Turner 

World-class guitarist Pat Thrall (Beyonce, Meat Loaf, Chaka Khan, Asia, etc.) reminisces with about working on Tina Turner's song "The Best" for producer Dan Hartman in 1989...

"I can't remember how exactly I got recommended to work with Dan but it was probably the amazing bass player TM Stevens. He also hooked me up with Little Steven and that's where I met my wife Zoe. Anyway, Dan called and asked if I would come up to Connecticut and of course I was thrilled. I had been a fan of his since he played with Edgar Winter (remember "Free Ride") It was a very relaxed atmosphere working at his home studio. He was fantastic at communicating his ideas because he was such a great guitar player himself.

It was just one session but I wound up playing on almost half the album. Dan was very cool about giving specific credits like "Pat Thrall-Power Theme guitar", etc. That's my credit on "The Best". He told me after Tina's album he was going to take a break for a while and get his health together. I didn't realize at the time he had AIDS. He passed way too soon. He was a sweetheart of a guy and an amazing talent. Actually I came back one more time and played on a record he did for The Scrooge Movie with Bill Murray."

Thrall explained that the "power theme" guitar part "was part of the arrangement. It's the guitar answer in the hook."